October is Physical Therapy Month!

   October is national Physical Therapy month!

We love providing therapy to all of our patients at Bird Physical Therapy! Help us celebrate PT month by telling us about your favorite physical therapist! Be sure to use #ILOVEMYPT and mention Bird PT!

Did you know?
Kansas has made a recent change to direct access PT? You are no longer required to have a physician’s referral to see a Physical Therapist! If you or someone you know would like to start therapy, save time and money by referring yourself to PT! Give us a call or visit to set up an initial evaluation with one of our therapists and you too can soon love your PT!



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What Does Healthy Skin Mean To You?

What Does Healthy Skin Mean to you ?

Want to know how to keep your skin looking healthy? Starting a regular routine to keep your skin looking young and radiant at a young age is very important. There are several basic ways to start your way towards healthy skin habits!

  • Protect your skin from the sun– Apply sun screen with at least SPF 15 and be sure to reapply every 2 hours. Sun rays are the strongest from 10 am to 2 pm; seek shade during those hours. Also, wear protective clothing such as wide brimmed hats or light long sleeve shirts to block harmful rays.
  • Don’t Smoke– Smoking leads to wrinkles by decreasing the amount of oxygen and nutrients available to your skin.
  • Gentle Measures– Daily cleansing and shaving can damage your skin. Hot water and long showers remove the natural oils and dry out your skin. Also, moisturize your skin daily that is for your skin type.
  • Eating Healthy– Eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins. Research suggests that a diet rich in Vitamin C and low in saturated fats and processed carbohydrates might promote healthier looking skin.
  • Manage your Stress– Uncontrolled stress can cause your skin to be more sensitive and lead to skin problems. Scale back your to-do list and spend time doing hobbies you enjoy!
  • Skin Checks– Skin cancer is the most common of all cancers. Checking your skin once a month can lead to early detection and improved outcomes. What to look for? Skin growths that increases in size, changes color or texture, has an irregular outline, an open sore that will not heal or is painful.


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Raking Leaves

Raking Leaves

Fall Is In the Air

And Leaves are on the Ground!

      Raking leaves is a great way to burn calories. Harvard Health studied raking exercise for 30 minutes and found that a 150 pound person would lose 149 calories. Ten minutes of raking leaves is such a great activity that it counts toward the exercise recommendation of 2 1/2 hours of weekly exercise set by the Center for Disease Control (CDC).

     Raking leaves can also be detrimental to the body if proper technique isn’t followed. Here are some guidelines to help keep the body healthy when raking leaves:

  1. Stretch before starting. Raking leaves is just like any other exercise and the muscles must warm up before strenuous activity.
  2. Do not travel too far while raking leaves. Instead of having one giant pile, try to have several smaller piles throughout the yard.
  3. When picking up leaves bend at the knees and keep your back straight. When carrying the bag of leaves, the arms should be held in close to the body to minimize stress on the back.
  4. Wear work gloves! Friction from holding a wooden rake can cause blisters and calluses.
  5. If you have a large yard do not do too much work at one time. Try dividing the yard and work on raking over a couple of days. (Rome wasn’t built in a day!)

The most important rule to remember is to ENJOY BEING OUTSIDE IN THE COOL CRISP AIR OF FALL.

Meet our new Physical Therapist!

Meet our new therapist, Michelle Chrisman, DPT! Originally from Linwood, she received both her Bachelor’s of Science in Biology and her Doctorate of Physical Therapy from the University of Saint Mary in Leavenworth. She is interested in manual therapy, post-surgical rehabilitation, and sport- related injuries. Michelle enjoys running, spending time with family, outdoor activities, and DIY projects. Call us or stop by today to make an appointment with Michelle!