COVID-19 update April 28, 2020

To our cherished community members,

With the reopening of our community planned for next week, we wanted to be clear about the ways we are protecting the safety and health of our staff and patients during this time. All of us must remain vigilant in order to avoid a spike in cases.

Bird Physical Therapy plans to resume normal hours on May 3. We will continue to limit the number of patients in the clinic simultaneously in order to reduce exposure. We continue to clean all equipment between every patient as well as additional times at the end of the day. Therapists will continue to wear masks while in proximity with patients and take their temperatures twice daily.

However, in order to maintain the safety and health of the community, we will need your help.

  • We encourage all patients to continue to social distance, despite the end of the stay at home order. You may be asked by your therapist if you are continuing to follow social distancing guidelines. If you are not comfortable limiting your activities, we have telehealth visits available in order to limit exposure to staff and other patients. If you are exposed to any suspected COVID-19 cases, or become symptomatic, you will be asked not to enter the clinic.
  • Patients may be asked to wear a mask. We are assembling washable masks which will be available to patients who do not have their own. Disposable masks will arrive sometime mid-late May.
  • Hand sanitizer is available throughout the clinic. We ask you to use this at minimum upon arrival and departure.
  • Temperatures will continue to be taken at every visit. Any patient with a temperature greater than 99.9 will be asked to leave and contact their physician.

COVID-19 cases are still rising in and around our community. By implementing these protocols, and maintaining an open dialogue, we believe we can continue our efforts in the clinic while keeping everyone safe and healthy.

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Best wishes,

Bird Physical Therapy

COVID-19 update

Update for week of April 13th:

We continue to be committed to the health and safety of our community during the COVID-19 outbreak while maintaining our passion for physical therapy treatment. 

-We are currently open and seeing patients on a limited schedule. We will limit numbers of patients and therapists in the clinic at one time.
-Telehealth visits are also available for those who choose to remain at home but wish to consult with a physical therapist.
-COVID-19 screening protocol is in effect for all patients requesting in office visits. Staff and patients will receive temperature checks daily. Any patient with a temperature greater than 99.5 will be cancelled and encouraged to notify their physician.
-Patients will be required to wash hands before and after all sessions.
-All treatment will occur in private rooms or at an appropriate distance from others.
-Therapists will be wearing masks during treatments and will review their exposure history daily.

Thank you for your support during this time and don’t forget to #choosept

Breast Cancer Awareness

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Consider showing your support with a pink ribbon. Continue reading below for the ways physical therapy can help.

As always, call or stop by with any questions or concerns.
785 – 331 – 0106

Happy October!
Bria Phipps, DPT