Physical Therapy Services

Pre and Post Operative Treatment

Whether you have recently undergone surgery or are preparing for surgery, we are committed to helping you achieve your desired outcome.

Back & Neck Pain

At Bird Physical Therapy we understand the frustration of back and neck pain. As one of the most common ailments we treat, understanding all the causes of pain is necessary to return to pain-free living.

Joint Pain

Effective management of joint pain is essential for living an active life, and is our mission in helping patients maximize function throughout the life span.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Returning to driving is an important aspect of our lives that allows us to live independently and productively. Recovering from a MVA and providing ongoing care to help you live life without limitations is how we help you feel better at Bird Physical Therapy.

Wellness Program

At Bird Physical Therapy, we are committed to maximizing your overall function. Our commitment entails a continuum beyond the completion of therapy; it’s not just about achieving your goals, it’s about maintaining what you have achieved.

Sport Injury and Return to Activity

Sport participation is an important aspect of living a healthy life. Recovering from an injury with a plan to avoid further injury is how we help you feel better at Bird Physical Therapy.


Bird Physical Therapy is a certified provider of Sole Supportsâ„¢ custom made orthotics. Sole Supportsâ„¢ orthotics are uniquely designed to directly and completely support and restore the arch of your foot.

Balance & Fall Prevention

Staying on Your Feet: How to Keep Your Balance and Prevent Falls. More than one third of older adults fall each year and fall rates increase with advancing age.