Wellness Program

At Bird Physical Therapy, we are committed to maximizing your overall function. Our commitment entails a continuum beyond the completion of therapy; it’s not just about achieving your goals, it’s about maintaining what you have achieved. For most of our patients, continuing with their exercise program as part of their therapy is vital for their transition into wellness. This is achieved by maintaining and progressing your home exercise program.

Wellness is achieved as patients sustain their exercise regimen independently once their physical therapy sessions have ended. We offer several options for our patients, for a small monthly fee, to utilize our gymnasium equipment to enhance their strength, flexibility, and aerobic fitness. You can choose the level of assistance needed for your continued wellness.  The options are:

  • An individualized home exercise program which is tailored to you during the course of therapy.  This is continued at home once you are discharged from therapy.
  • A monthly gym membership. This includes the independent use of the equipment and is handled on a pay by month basis with no contract to sign.
  • An individualized exercise regimen. Your time is one-on-one with a personal trainer who evaluates, progresses, and coaches you in form and encourages maximal effort and compliance.

All sessions are supervised by a licensed Physical Therapist.

Wellness: a state of mental and physical balance and fitness