St. Patrick’s Day fitness!

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day to all! In honor of this greenest of holidays, I have created an exercise regimen inspired by the iconic SHAMROCK!

But first… Did you know?

  1. The shamrock became a well loved symbol of Ireland due to its use as an education symbol by Irelands patron, St. Patrick.
  2. The three leaves represent faith, hope, and love.
  3. Finding a shamrock with four leaves is considered very rare (about 1 in 10,000) and the fourth leaf is representative of luck.

Now for the reason we are all here… EXERCISE!

The following exercises use well known exercises or positions as the base but have been altered to make them more…Shamrocky. 🙂

  1. Single leg squat with SHAMROCK taps. (Skill level moderate)
  2. Plank with 3 WAY tap/rock. (Skill level advanced)
  3. 3 WAY shoulder raises. (Skill level easy)
  4. SHAMROCK dead bug. (Skill level easy/moderate)
  5. Side-lying SHAMROCK leg lift. (Skill level moderate)
  6. Single leg SHAMROCK twist with warrior reach. (Skill level moderate)
  7. SHAMROCK Burpee. (Skill level advanced)

Continue reading for photo examples or see our Instagram for videos!

*Disclaimer: Some of these exercises are more challenging than others. Intentionally. Please do not feel obligated to do them all or push yourself farther than your fitness level allows.

Exercise 1. Single leg squat with shamrock taps. >> Stand on one leg with knee slightly bend. While maintaining balance and a level pelvis, tap forward, sideways, and backward with the other leg. Return to start and repeat.

Exercise 2. Plank with 3 way tap and rock. >> In an elbow plan position, tap on hip down, rock forward on toes and elbows, and tap the other hip down. Repeat.

Exercise 3. 3 way shoulder raise. >> While holding a weight (or other household object) lift arms forward, diagonally, and sideways to shoulder height. Repeat.

Exercise 4. Shamrock Dead Bug. >> While in a dead bug position (on back with hands in the air and hips/knees bent to 90 degrees). Twist left to tap heels (or knees for more advanced version), return to center and tap feet down, return to center and twist right. Repeat.

Exercise 5. Shamrock leg lift. >> While lying on your side, lift the top leg and draw a shamrock in the air.

Exercise 6. Single leg shamrock twist with warrior reach. >> Stand on one leg with knee slightly bent. Twist left, return to center and reach arms and leg out into a warrior 3 position (start small, gradually advancing to be parallel with the ground), return and twist right. Repeat.

Exercise 7. SHAMROCK BURPEE!! >> Start standing. Place hands on the ground jump out into plank position. Jump legs left, jump out, jump right while maintaining contact between hands and ground. Stand up and repeat.

^^^ Side note. I know this one is insane.

Thank you so much for reading. I look forward to seeing you all in your best green attire this week. As always, please contact us with any questions or concerns. We look forward to continued warmer weather, nourishing rains, and hope for healing from the pandemic.

Stay safe and healthy,

Bria Phipps, DPT and the Bird PT family.