Vaccine Information

Please continue reading for the latest available information on receiving the COVID-19 Vaccine. (The following information has been provided as a resource via )

Many individuals have registered with the health department to receive a COVID vaccine via the Covid-19 Vaccine interest form at

Those wo have not should continue to do so. The health department is currently offering vaccines to everyone in Phase 2*. If you are unsure weather you have signed up, check here.

*Phase 2 includes individuals 65 and older, those living in congregate settings, essential workers, and anyone unvaccinated prioritized in phase 1.

HOWEVER! Pharmacies across town have also received access to vaccines and are administering them regularly. These pharmacies have their own sign up process and do not utilize a list generated by the health department.

The following pharmacies have vaccines available and are currently prioritizing individuals 65 years of age and older: Visit the links provided to register.

Dillons Pharmacy

Medical Arts Pharmacy

Sigler Pharmacy

Orchards Drug,+recommendations,+and+promotions+from+Orchards+Drug

Hy-Vee Pharmacy

Walmart Pharmacy is prioritizing both individuals 65 years and older AND teachers k-12. Visit the link below to register.

Haskell Indian health center is providing vaccines to members of recognized tribes of ALL PRIORITY LEVELS AND AGES >16.

To receive a vaccination from Haskell Indian Health Center please call 785-843-3750, option 7, then option 1 to reach the Covid-19 vaccination appointment line.

For further information regarding COVID-19 or the vaccine, visit the Lawrence Douglas County Health Department Website , Call 785-843-3060, or email

Information can also be found from the CDC here >

Thank you for helping to keep our community Safe!

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