National Postal Worker Day

Today is National Postal Worker Day! For starters, thank you to all of the USPS, UPS, Fed-ex, Amazon, and local delivery workers who have carried us through the last year. Their hard work cannot be understated. Did you know? Some postal workers walk 10-12 miles a day? This works out to…

-60 miles in a 5 day work week

-192 miles in a 4 week month

-and 3.120 miles in a year!!

This doesn’t include all of the stairs and package lifting. No wonder they all have amazing calf muscles!

This seems like a good time to remind everyone that the general recommendation for the life of a pair of walking shoes is 350-500 miles. This works out to about 8-9 months if you only walk 2 miles a day. Don’t forget that although your foot health and strength comes first, your shoes provide an important support surface and uneven wear patterns can start to lead to issues over time.

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