A Different Approach

At Bird Physical Therapy we value a comprehensive approach to the care and treatment of our patients. We utilize a four-step approach in helping patients achieve their goals.

Problem Identification: Our licensed physical therapists evaluate the patient to discover the cause of their problems and not just treat the symptoms.

Education: This is a partnership/relationship with the patient that is undertaken for their benefit. When the patient is educated as to why a problem occurs, they become an active participant in their recovery process.

Treatment: The therapist and the patient work together toward patient centered goals. The patient completes modifications in their daily life style and exercises at home. The therapist provides guidance, hands-on work and expertise in leading the patient to their goals.

On-going Support: Our therapists are available by appointment, phone, or accessible in our gym to answer questions and address concerns. Follow-up appointments are made when necessary to ensure compliance. A phone call is made to the patient one month after releasing them from therapy to ensure compliance with exercises and body awareness activities for long term wellness.