Back to School

We are nearly halfway through August and back to school is coming. Weather you are returning in person or virtually, keep an eye out for tips and tricks to keep yourself physically healthy during the school year. 

For starters? BACKPACKS!

How can we use our backpacks to our advantage and avoid injuries? 

  1. Start with a well fitting backpack that feels padded and comfortable. 
  2. Always, always, always use both straps. Ensure they are tight so the weight is well supported and not sagging or bouncing. 
  3. Place heaviest items low and in the center of the pack. 
  4. Lighten the load as much as possible, only carrying necessary items. 
  5. For longer distances, consider using the waist strap to allow the weight of the items to be more supported by your trunk/ hips and avoid excessive shoulder loads. 

Call, stop by, or message us with questions or concerns! 

Be well!