Mask Policy

In accordance with the best available research and the changing landscape of COVID-19, please review the following information regarding acceptable face coverings. We encourage you to follow these guidelines in all public spaces.

Why are neck gaiters, masks with a valve, or bandanas not sufficient?

  • The thin material of a neck gaiter that makes the material more “breathable” allows droplets to escape. As the droplets pass through the material they break up into smaller particles which hang in the air longer, placing those around you at greater risk. A neck gaiter has shown to be LESS EFFECTIVE than wearing no mask at all.
  • Bandanas do not secure well to the shape of your face and allows minimal protection.
  • A mask with a one way valve protects only the person wearing it. Airborn droplets are able to escape placing those around you at risk of infection.

Thank you for helping to keep your family, friends, neighbors, and healthcare providers safe. We are in this together!

Stay safe and healthy, Bird PT.