Post-Surgical Rehabilitation

Returning to your previous level of physical function

After surgery you may experience swelling, pain, stiffness, decreased range of motion, weakness, decreased function, or excessive scar tissue formation. Physical Therapy has proven to help with all of these issues. We will work with your surgeon to facilitate your recovery whether it is a successful return to work, recreational activities, or competitive sports.

At Bird Physical Therapy, we are dedicated to maximizing your overall daily function. We will progress you through the healing process with the use of modalities (ultrasound, electrical stimulation, cold therapy) and techniques (massage, joint mobilizations, exercise), and return you to your previous level of physical function.

More info about physical therapy after spinal surgery can be found at this link:

Or, info about Rotator Cuff Repairs and physical therapy after the surgery can be found at this link:

Rotator Cuff Tears - Small

Ask your physician how soon after surgery you should begin physical therapy and get scheduled today!

 If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or need to schedule please feel free to contact Bird Physical Therapy – (785) 331-0106